Some Improtant Milestones In The Development Of Our ALMA-MATER

The Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital situated at 265-266, A.P.C. Road,
Kolkata 700009, entered the era of 125th Years Service, on 16th February,2005 for the
suffering Humanity and propagation of Homoeopathy.

This incidence is a historical event and a landmark in the history of Homoeopathy in Asia in
General and India in particular. The oldest living college in the world.

*16th February, 1881
    The inception of this institution by Late Dr. Mohinimohan Basu, the younger brother of late
    Ananda Mohan Basu, the founder of City College, Kolkata.
*22nd September, 1909

    4 years Degree Awarded by this institution namely Bachelor of Medicine in Homoeopathy,
    known as H.M.B.
    The institution was administered by the Calcutta Homoeopathic Hospital Society under
    Presidentship of Hon’ble Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court.
*12th October, 1909

   Late Rani Kasturi Majuri of Posta, Kolkata made a gift of a building together with a piece
   of land measuring about 19 Cottahs and 5 Chattaks, situated at 265,
   Upper Circular Road (A.P.C. Road), Kolkata.
   The Calcutta School of Homoeopathy, founded by Late Pratap Chandra Majumder was merged
   with the Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College.
*19th May, 1910

   Late Maharaja Dhiraj Sri. Rameswar Singh Bahadur of Darbhanga laid the foundation stone of
   the Hospital.

*1st June, 1912
   An outdoor Dispensary was opened and it became popular within a short-time.

7th February, 1914

   *An Indoor Hospital was opened containing a separate Male and Female General Ward, Male
   and Female Surgical Ward.
   *The Calcutta Corporation had pleased to make a grant-in-aid on regular basis for the maintenance
   of the Hospital.
   *The Calcutta Corporation being approached granted lease of a plot measuring about 10 Cottahs
   situated at 266, Upper Circular Road (A.P.C. Road).
   As the 1st World War starts, the records of various statistics regarding outdoor and indoor patient
   could not be preserved.
*1927   The Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Clinics were opened.
*1929   A Dental Clinic was started.
*1932   A new Surgical Operation Theatre was opened.
*14th August, 1934

   The Hon’ble Sir Bijoy Prosad Singha Roy, the then Minister-in-Charge of the Public Health
   Department of the Government of Bengal, opened the Rani Kasturi Manjuri Ward,
   the Sidheswar Gorai Gynaecological Ward and the Rangini Sundari Maternity Ward.
*1st July, 1935

   *The Hon’ble Me. A. K. Fazlul Haq. Prime Minister of Bengal, then Mayor of Calcutta was opened a
   Children’s Ward consisting of 15 beds.
   *The total number of indoor beds was raised to 60.
*November, 1935
   To meet the increased pressure on the outdoor Dispensary which had been kept open in the
   morning only, began to kept open both in the morning and evening.
*1938   The total number of indoor beds was increased to 85.
   The Institution was selected for Air-raid wounds treatment and 50 extra beds were kept ready
   during the 2nd Word War (1939-1945) by the Government of India.
*December 1942
   The General Council and State Faculty of Homoeopathic Medicine established 4 years Diploma
   awarded by this institution namely Diploma in Medicine and Surgery, known as D.M.S.

   The Homoeopathic Enquiry Committee, which was appointed by the Government of India to
   Consider question of recognition of the homoeopathic system of Medicine in India, inspected our
   college and Hospital.
*January, 1949
   The hon’ble Rajkumari Amrita Kaur, Minister for Health, Government of India was
   pleased to visit this college and hospital.
   A Relief Centre through out the year organised at Kankurgachi, Kolkata by Dr. B.K. Bose, M.D.
   The Total number of cases treated 30,680.
*1952   The X-Ray Department started proper working for diagnostic aid.
   The Central Government given a practical recognition of the Homoeopathic System of treatment
   and a capital grant of Rs. 1,49,890/- was received from the Government of India.
*1957-1958   The State Government has been pleased to make a nor-recurring grant of Rs. 10,000/-.
*1st September, 1959

   The Government of West Bengal started maintaining 30 additional beds in the institution.
   Total number of bed raised 85 to 115.

   Government of India has been pleased to grant Rs. 20,000/- for maintaining 10 Research beds
   in this hospital for Four Diseases i.e. Diabeties Mellitus, Nephritis, Leucoderma and Hypertension.
   Its findings were accepted by the C.C.F.H. Total Bed strength of this hospital raised to 115 to 125.
*1st November, 1970
   This Institution became a centre in India for Homoeopathic research on Cancer under
   the Central Government Research Scheme.

   5 ½ years Degree course started in this institution under the University of Calcutta namely
   Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery known as B.H.M.S.
*1983   The Management of this institution was taken over by the Government of West Bengal.
*2nd January, 1992   The Acquisition of the institution was made by the state government.
*2004   This Institution is under the West Bengal University of Health Science.
*16th February,2005
   125th years Foundation Day Celebration_Celebrated successfully. Inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister
   Dr.Surya Kanta Mishra.Department of Health & family Welfare,Government of West Bengal.
*28th December,2005
   This institution has declared a “State Model Institute of Homoeopathy” In the state of West Bengal by
   the Govt.of India,Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,Department of ISM & H.

Published by : Teachers’ Council CHMCH

15th June,1897
   Eminent scientist Jagadishchandra Bose delivered the inaugural speech at the commencement of
   the 17th teaching session.
4th February,1900

   Educationist and Scientist Acharyya Prafulla Chandra Roy delivered a very interesting speech
   on Mercury and he demonstrated with experiment about the use of Mercury in mirror,
   thermometer and barometer.
6th December,1900   Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy gave a speech on “Sulphur”.
21st December,1900   Sir Jagadishchandra Bose delivered his speech on “Plants has got life”.

Collected from :

Itihaser Dinolipi-by Nirod Baran Hazra
& Translated from Bengali
By Dr.G.C.Mukherjee & Dr.A.S.Chakraborty